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EHS Achievements

Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials minimizes the environmental impact and improves the operating efficiency through the green management.

Eco-friendly product development initiatives

The Electro-Materials BG built its R&D roadmap around developing an environment-friendly product portfolio based on environment-friendly elements such as lead-free materials, halogen-free materials, light-weight automotive materials, low-power display materials, and renewable energy parts. In addition, it has designated the review of environment-friendly products as an essential aspect of the interim inspection during product development, and only releases products after verifying their harmful or toxic nature in advance.

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Doosan discloses information related to the greenhouse gas emissions of its facilities in its business report, and controls them according to the IPCC Guidelines and the government’s own guidelines. Doosan’s statements of its greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption and its plans for monitoring them are verified by a third party each year. Throughout 2018, Doosan Corporation will steadily strengthen its activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by setting a reduction target and introducing a system for managing the basic energy unit in order to participate actively in the government’s efforts to respond to climate change.

Response to and monitoring of new environmental regulations

As global public awareness of and interest in environmental issues such as environmental pollution, water shortage, natural disasters and climate change has increased significantly over the years, the importance of addressing them is also being increasingly emphasized. In this regard, Doosan has deployed an environmental management system designed to minimize the impact of company business on the environment. It preemptively responds to government regulations and trends by steadily monitoring business activities and surveying their impact on local communities. Furthermore, it has conducted in-depth expert education to secure essential EHS capabilities and enhanced its execution ability through participation in EHS participatory activities.

Stewardship of hazardous chemical substances

Doosan updates the regulations and countermeasures each quarter by keeping an enterprise-wide inventory of chemical substances. Furthermore, Doosan manages chemical substances by promoting organic cooperation among the production, purchase, and research departments. For the purchase of any new chemical substances, specific data including the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), certification of verification of chemicals, and Letter of Confirmation (LOC) must be reviewed in advance. In addition, employees responsible for handling chemical substances at worksites periodically attend education courses on the safe handling of chemical substances, emergency actions to be taken in the event of exposure to chemical substances, and the importance of systematically wearing personal protective gear. All worksites also inspect the chemical handling facilities, including those intended for the storage, custody, and use of chemical substances. The company also devised and supplements items for improvement based on expert diagnosis.

Control of air pollutants

Doosan keeps the atmospheric pollutant emissions generated at its worksites below 50% of the standard allowed under the relevant statutes. In addition, it has reduced their environmental impact by developing more stringent standards than those stipulated in the statutes.

Management of water use and effluents

Doosan Corporation manages water resource risks to reduce the risks related to the depletion of water resources and the maintenance of a stable water supply. It also maintains the density of water pollutants in final effluents below 50% of the current standard.

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