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Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials Will Continue Making Changes and Innovations to Provide Customers with Its Best Quality Products and Services.

Esteemed shareholders and customers,

Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials is one of the business groups of Doosan Corporation, the holding company of Doosan Group, with more than USD 14 billion in global revenue. Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials was established in 1974 envisaging the bright prospects of the CCL industry, with the aim of becoming a “super-excellent company” in electro-materials. Supported by our customers’ loyalty and care, Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials has grown into a company with annual revenues of USD 700 million.

Equipped with manufacturing systems from single-sided CCL to package substrates, DES has acquired an excellent reputation as a CCL supplier. DES’s diversified manufacturing capabilities satisfy the customers’ requirements and create excellent values. Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials, established as a joint venture with OAK, USA, had already made rapid progress in terms of its technical power by the time of the technical tie-up with Allied Signal Laminate Systems (ASLS). Since the termination of the technical tie-up with ASLS, we have achieved further technical improvements Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials’ technical prowess and products are well recognized in the global market as well as in the Korean market. About one half of our total sales come from the overseas market. We are taking off to become a real global business with our own global marketing and sales network. Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials is taking the lead in the CCL industry with a wide range of eco-friendly materials and high performance CCL,

We will continue our efforts to become one of the global leaders in the industry on the basis of our competitive power in delivering the best products, utilizing superior technology and operating a highly efficient business network. We new material business expansion We are extending the entry and New materials business in industries including OLED and Copper foil

We sincerely believe that we can create a better future together with our customers through our services and technical power.
Thank you very much.

Vice President & CEO of Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials


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Our Aspiration & Core Values

Presenting the 'Doosan Credo,' the management philosophy and business methodology for the past and future 100 years.


Doosan Corporation aspires to grow into a business specializing in electro-materials that creates new values for its customers through its tireless pursuit of ingenious technological innovation and its dynamic corporate culture.

Social Responsibility

This introduces a variety of sharing activities by Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials.

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