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斗山公司 电子材料率先荣获覆铜箔层压板 (CCL)行业“索尼绿色合作伙伴”认证。坚持通过掌握客户需求,高效改善产品品质,保持最高的客户满意标准。

Quality Policy

Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials seeks ‘Customer Satisfaction’ on the basis of quality, and its objectives for its key business areas are operated on the basis of the quality management system. To that end, all the executives and employees of Doosan should practice the following:

  1. 1. Comply with the requirements for the company’s quality management system and continue to improve its effectiveness.
  2. 2. Establish quality objectives and endeavor to achieve them.
  3. 3. Understand the quality policy and actively promote it.
  4. 4. Regularly review the quality policy to ensure it is fully aligned with the company’s business objectives.

Quality Management System

The quality objectives of Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials are to achieve zero defects based on thorough quality assurance; to attain high quality by maximizing marginal quality; to ensure uniform quality by conducting statistical process control; to achieve zero defects caused by the use of poor raw materials; and to establish a high-quality culture by raising our employees’ awareness of the utmost importance of quality. Thus, the quality management system, based on ISO 9001, is operated by preparing and distributing customized standards for each worksite.

Domestic/Overseas and Others

Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials always does its best to improve product quality and the environment. These efforts were recognized with the ‘Sony Green Partner’ certificate for the first time in the domestic CCL industry. Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials will continue to pursue effective product improvements by understanding our customers’ needs and strive to maintain maximum customer satisfaction.



过去百年推动斗山发展,未来百年将引领斗山腾飞的经营哲学和事业方式——“斗山 Credo"。




斗山公司 电子材料采用比国际标准更加严格的标准EHS管理体系,竭尽全力保护地区与社会的安全。

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