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By establishing governance and strategy for CSR, Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials is systematically implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility.

Doosan Group declared its firm resolution to practice CSR management and create a ‘Proud Global Doosan’ on the basis of ‘Doosan Credo’. Moreover, to anticipate and promptly respond to various CSR requirements and standards within and outside of Korea, a groupwide CSR strategy has been established consisting of clearly-defined objectives and missions, with four key areas and ten priority tasks. Doosan Corporation has been practicing CSR management based on Doosan Group’s CSR value framework. In particular, as the necessity of increasing business value through CSR is growing within society, we have added ‘CSR Value Creation’ and expanded the CSR area, which used to focus on CSR risk management activities such as meeting legal regulations and industrial standards, to understanding and creating social values.

CSR Governance

Doosan’s CSR decision-making assembly consists of the CSR Committee, CSR Subcommittees, and BG/BU-level CSR Operation Meeting, which is operated in accordance with the initiative body

· CSR Committee
As Doosan’s supreme decision-making body, the CSR Committee develops CSR strategic directions, reviews CSR-related management activities, and inspects the progress of improvement tasks and implementation plans. The CSR Committee is composed of representatives from all of the company’s BGs/BUs, its Corporate Center, and its Administration Center, as well as executives from its key departments. The CEO of Doosan Corporation serves as the chairperson, with the relevant officers assuming responsibility for seven subcommittees, which oversee human rights, EHS, R&D, shared growth, ethics, personal information, and social contributions. The BG/BU heads participate in the CSR Committee as members to enable each business division to aggressively promote CSR activities. The CSR Committee holds two meetings per year, which serve as a forum for designing improvement plans through in-depth discussion of key CSR issues.

· Sub-committee
Seven CSR subcommittees have been formed for the fields of human rights, EHS, R&D, shared growth, ethics, personal information and social contributions, and they discuss relevant CSR issues on a quarterly basis. Related matters are shared at the BG/BU Operation Meeting and reported to the CSR Committee.

· BG/BU CSR Operation Meeting
The entire BG/BUs of Doosan Corporation separately runs operation meetings for discussing CSR issues and making decisions periodically. An operation meeting is supervised by the head of each BG/BU and carried out by the executives and relevant team leaders every quarter. During the meeting, contents discussed at CSR Committee and Subcommittees are shared, and key activities to be handled at BG/BU level are established for improvement activities.

CSR 추진 체계 CSR 추진 체계

Key CSR Activities

· Operation of the CSR team
Doosan Corporation operates a CSR team dedicated to carrying out CSR management more effectively. The CSR team diagnoses the CSR management activities in order to survey economic, environmental and social risks and opportunities, and identifies and carries out improvement tasks for each subcommittee and BG/BU based on this. In addition, the team establishes the direction of CSR operation at the company level and identifies CSR trends frequently to share with the management and subcommittees.

· External Communication of CSR Performance
Doosan Corporation publishes its CSR report each year in order to transparently communicate its achievements and plans with all its internal and external stakeholders. Doosan prepares for the DJSI(Dow Jones Sustainability Indices) assessment, which comprehensively evaluates the economic, social and environmental performance of global companies around the world, and has been included in ‘DJSI Asia Pacific’, which refers to businesses of the Asian region in the top 20 %, for six consecutive years. Doosan has been rated A or above since 2011 in the ESG(Environment, Social, Governance) evaluation conducted by the Korea Corporate Governance Service. In 2019, Doosan disclosed its company-wide and product-unit social value measurement results in its CSR report. It is carrying out various activities to expand external communication related to Doosan’s social responsibility management. Based on these efforts, Doosan’s CSR report has achieved remarkable results in several sustainability report awards. In 2019, Doosan’s CSR report won awards in two categories at the CRRAs(Corporate Register Reporting Awards), and won a platinum rating at the Spotlight Awards at LACP(League of American Communications Professionals).”

DJSI, ESG 인증 마크
DJSI, ESG 인증 마크

· Establishment of Sustainability Risk Management System
Doosan Corporation has established and improved its sustainable management direction through activities of the subcommittees of the CSR Committee, which establishes enterprise-wide policies and strategies. It has promoted sustainable risk-reduction activities that may arise at Doosan’s BGs and investment company. Doosan Corporation encourages its worksites to conduct voluntary diagnosis and improvement through the Doosan Sustainability Risk Management System(which includes risk level) as well as four key areas: ① Respect for People, ② Reliable Operations, ③ Responsibility in Engagement, ④ CSR Value Creation. Doosan’s sustainability risk management is divided into three tiers according to BG/corporate risk impact levels and considering the size and value chain of each business. Self-diagnosis and on-site diagnosis in each group are operated separately by time period. Doosan’s sustainability risk management continues to check the risk level of its worksites by conducting improvement tasks according the risk level of issues indicated in the diagnosis. It is expected to become an effective program for responding to global regulations, which have been rapidly changing and constantly strengthening in the global market.

DJSI, ESG 인증 마크
DJSI, ESG 인증 마크

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