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Ethical Management Activities

Operational Policy

  • The Doosan Whistle Blowing Center is open to all Doosan employees and to the public, and enables anyone to report possible violations of applicable laws and internal policies, including the Doosan Credo and the Doosan Code of Conduct.
  • Whistleblowing reports may be submitted anonymously or non-anonymously. However, the Company may not investigate anonymous reports which are not supported by concrete evidence
  • The identity of the whistleblower and the contents of the report will be kept confidential. The Company prohibits any retaliation against employees for submitting reports in good faith.
  • The Doosan Operational Rules of the Whistleblowing System apply to the whistleblowing reports submitted by employees of Doosan. These Rules are available on the Company’s intranet or can be obtained from the Company’s designated whistleblowing department.
  • In addition to this online whistleblowing system, the Company accepts whistleblowing reports via various channels, including mail, telephone, fax, e-mail and meetings with the designated whistleblowing department.

Whistle Blowing Center

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