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EHS Achievements

Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials are carrying out management activities that value human life as a top priority for business safety and health.

EHS Leadership Activities

Doosan Corporation has strengthened voluntary EHS management among the heads of its organizations, based on the top management’s deep interest in and support for EHS. All the leaders personally perform diverse EHS leadership activities, including field EHS inspections, safety dialog, and EHS meetings. Through these measures, there has been an effective increase in the safety awareness of all its employees, thus contributing to the prevention of safety accidents at its worksites.

Safe workplace we create together

Doosan Corporation establishes a mutual safety and health cooperation system with business partners to create a healthy and safe workplace. In 2019, Iksan Electronics BG, Gimcheon Plant, Industrial Vehicle BG, and Mottrol BG participated in a systematic operation of the’Safety and Health Cooperation Program’, including safety and health education and risk assessment support for a total of 28 companies.

Response to ISO 45001 Certification

Doosan Corporation carries out systematic safety and health management activities based on its occupational health and safety management systems(ISO 45001:2018). We are preparing to change our existing OHSAS 18001 certification to ISO 45001. Thus far, Electro-Materials BG Jeungpyeong, Gimcheon and Iksan plants, Industrial Vehicle BG, and our Mottrol BG have already completed the certification transition.

Basic Compliance with EHS Rules

All of Doosan Corporation’s worksites carry out activities designed to ensure basic compliance with the EHS rules and prevent the recurrence of safety accidents caused by non-compliance with those rules. Based on a risk assessment of the worksite and processes at hand, each worksite selects items that must be observed, without fail, in order to prevent accidents. By linking these to periodic education, publicity, inspection, and citation, all employees are naturally encouraged to comply with the safety rules with an advanced level of safety awareness.

Expansion of Prevention Program for Musculoskeletal Disorders

Doosan Corporation is operating additional programs as well as investigations on the harmful factors of the musculoskeletal system for the health of employees and business partners. Electronic BG conducted a pain management program to measure musculoskeletal risk factors and counseling for 296 people, including employees and employees of partner companies, and prescribe individual exercise methods.

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Social Responsibility

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