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EHS Achievements

Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials minimizes the environmental impact and improves the operating efficiency through the green management.

Response to Climate Change

Doosan Corporation regularly discloses information related to the greenhouse gas emissions of its facilities and controls these according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) Guidelines and the government’s own guidelines. Doosan Corporation’s statements on greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption and its plans for monitoring them are verified by a third party each year In particular, as regulations for electronic BG was expanded from the greenhouse gas emission trading system to the greenhouse gas target management system for all BGs, electronic BG established reduction targets for each business site and steadily promoted energy reduction and greenhouse gas reduction activities to achieve them.

Energy Reduction Based on Energy Management Committee

In order to respond to climate change issues, the Energy Management Committee was launched in earnest, and the Energy Management Committee was held four times to share energy saving cases and provide information between business sites. Electronic BG saved 88,289 kWh by conducting idle power reduction activities for Jeungpyeong and Gimcheon factories.

Stewardship of Hazardous Chemical Substances

Doosan Corporation strives to create a safe and clean workplace through the tighter management of hazardous chemicals. Electronic BG is receiving a business license for hazardous chemicals to comply with laws and regulations related to chemical substances, and regularly conducts statistical surveys and emission surveys in accordance with legal requirements. In addition, regular training for the safe handling of chemical substances is provided to all employees of the workplace and personal protective equipment is provided to create a safe workplace. In addition, we have continuously invested in facilities to comply with the standards for facilities handling the Chemical Substances Management Act at all business sites, and in 2019, we are complying with legal requirements through continuous improvement, such as improving factory walls. In addition, we are reinforcing the level of chemical substance management by identifying changes during the initial purchase and handling of chemical substances, complying with legal requirements, and establishing an integrated process and system to monitor them.

Air and water pollutant management

Doosan Corporation manages air pollutants generated at its workplace below 50% of the legal emission standard. In particular, electronic BG conducts self-measurement of major pollutants on a regular basis twice a month. As standards for allowing air pollutant emissions have been strengthened since 2020, additional measurement of pollutant emission levels and facility improvement are continued. In addition, as part of water resource risk management to reduce the risk of stable water supply and water depletion, the Electronic BG manages the water pollutant concentration of the final discharge water below 50% of the legal acceptance standard.

Waste Management

To reduce the volume of discharged waste, Doosan separates its waste according to nature and state, and then processes it in accordance with the law under its ‘Allbaro System1)‘ For the legal treatment of waste generated by various processes, Doosan periodically educates and evaluates the vendors responsible. It also maintains a consistent effort to reduce the volume of waste discharged by its processes. Electronic BGs have reduced the amount of waste generated by approximately 48 tons throughout the enterprise compared to the previous year.

1) Allbaro System: As the IT-based waste management system of the Korean government, it controls the entire set of processes for waste management, right from discharge to transportation, to the final treatment.

Response to and Monitoring of New Environmental Regulations

Global public awareness of and interest in environmental issues such as environmental pollution, water shortages, natural disasters and climate change have increased significantly over the years. Along with this interest, efforts to solve the problems, such as policies and regulations, are ongoing at the national level. In particular, the importance of environmental management at companies is being heavily emphasized. In this regard, Doosan has deployed an environmental management system designed to minimize the impact of company business on the environment. It preemptively responds to government regulations and trends by steadily monitoring business activities and surveying their impact on local communities. Furthermore, the company has conducted in-depth expert research to secure essential EHS capabilities and enhanced its execution ability through its participation in EHS activities. Based on these activities, there were no serious violations of environmental laws in Doosan Corporation

Management of Environmental Investments

Doosan Corporation operates an environmental cost management system to internalize the environmental management system. Environmental investment is mainly carried out in the installation and replacement of preventive facilities, wastewater treatment plants, and waste storage construction for environmental protection. In 2019, Electronic BG invested about 23.3 million won to improve environmental facilities such as improving the walls of hazardous chemical handling facilities and installing low NOx burners.

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