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Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials supplies electronic materials to global companies at home and abroad for the manufacture of top-tier products.

  • Hyundai Motor Co. : Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd., is a manufacturer of finished vehicles that manufactures and sells cars and auto parts, along with the development of electric vehicles and automotive electronics R&D.

  • Hyundai Mobis: The world’s seventh-largest auto parts maker and Hyundai Mobis Co. It is a company that focuses on autonomous driving, connectivity and xEV(Electronic Vehicle) in order to become a leading company in new automotive technologies in the future.

  • Samsung Electronics: Samsung Electronics is a global electronics company that is a manufacturer of electronics, telecommunication equipment, semiconductors, and network and operates 5G telecommunication equipment and base stations as an equipment business.

  • Samsung Electro-Mechanics, the best domestic manufacturer of PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), manufactures chip components, MLBs (Multi Layer Boards), and parts for mobile communication devices and optical devices.

  • Simmtech specializes in manufacturing PCBs for semiconductors and communication devices.

  • Daeduck Electronics specializes in manufacturing PCBs for communication devices, memory modules, and packages.

  • Daeduck GDS, the first PCB manufacturer established in Korea, produces all models of PCB for IT, general and digital appliances.

  • LG Innotek is a globally renowned manufacturer of PCBs, mobiles, displays, networks, automotive parts, and LEDs.

  • Korea Circuit is the one of the largest PCB manufacturers in Korea. Terranix, its affiliated company, manufactures metal PCBs.

  • Interflex is the world’s top-ranked manufacturer of FPCs, an essential component of mobile phones.

  • Youngpoong Electronics, affiliated with the Youngpoong Corporation, specializes in the production of FPCs for LG, Samsung, Sony, and other electronics suppliers in Korea and overseas.

  • SiFLEX is a major FPC company in Korea.

  • New Optics manufactures mid-to-large-size LCD monitor BLUs and large TV BLUs, which are the light source for liquid crystal display devices.

  • DS LCD manufactures large LCD BLUs.

  • Starion, a manufacturer of electronic, precision and automotive parts, has sufficient business capacity for the production of mid-to-small-size LCD BLUs.

  • Taesan LCD manufactures large LCD BLUs.

  • Heesung Electronics is the world’s No.1 manufacturer of BLUs (Back Light Units) and light sources, the key components of displays.

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