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Educational Programs

We actively promote the value of sharing by conducting various activities in which our executives and employees take part, such as voluntary services, disaster relief, and overseas medical volunteer work.

Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials’ Educational Programs

In order to cultivate Doosan people committed to sustaining Doosan’s continual growth, our human resource development system has been configured to allow Doosan people to internalize the Doosan Way and develop their expertise.

Doosan’s human resource development system consists of a ‘Leadership College’ and a ‘Professional College’, each cultivating global leaders who have internalized the Doosan Way, and experts who drive the company’s fundamental competitiveness and develop new innovations.

The leadership college provides courses that instill Doosan’s values and philosophies, cultivate leaders, and provide management training, as well as humanities and general education. The professional college provides various job-related training programs, training on global culture and languages, and in-house instructor training courses.

The executives and employees of Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials can take 1,074 on-line and 244 off-line courses with the e-Doosan University, while courses that are not offered on the curriculum can be taken outside the company when necessary.

Learn More about the Major Educational Programs of Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials

  • Training for Report Writing
  • Insight Program – Learning Road Map
  • Junior MBA
  • Winning Doogather
  • Mentoring Program
  • Language Training Support
  • Overseas Experience Training

    STEPS (Strategic Thinking Enhancement through Problem Solving) is designed to enhance Doosan people’s problem-solving skills based on strategic thinking, which focuses on the development of problem-solving skills by learning theories of problem-solving techniques step-by-step and applying them to hypothetical cases similar to real-life cases.

    Through the STEPS program, all our people, from executives to new recruits, learn the ‘working method’ and ‘problem-solving method’ equally to build an advanced scientific system that forms the basis of practicing the Doosan Way.

    STEPS consists of differentiated courses from junior to executive levels to increase practical utilization for various job positions.

  • Training for Report Writing

    This program aims to impart the ability to create an appropriate storyline for a report for the audience, promote understanding of charting methods, and enhance efficiency in using operational methods.

    The program consists of a Masters Course for personnel who design storylines and control overall reports, and a Juniors Course for personnel who play an important role in creating individual reports by analyzing data.

  • Insight Program

    The Insight Program is a leadership program developed to support our leaders’ efforts to practice the Doosan Way at the workplace through self-awareness based on a sound understanding of the Doosan Way.

    All of our leaders participate in this program to explore ways of internalizing the Doosan Way through self-awareness of their leadership style and through actual practice.

  • Learning Road Map

    In order to lay the groundwork for the ‘fundamental competitiveness’ of Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials, the Learning Roadmap (LRM) for R&D, technology/production, quality and facility has been established. Educational courses required for specific jobs and positions may be taken or done as self-study.

  • Junior MBA

    The Junior MBA program aims to ‘Secure Management Knowledge Capability’ and ‘Experience Leadership’ from the junior level to nurture professional leaders in the future.

    The program is designed to strengthen the capability of execution as the agent of change to lead business innovations by developing business expertise through education on overall management and by providing the direction for integrated perspective and effective leadership required of future business leaders.

  • Winning Doogather Program

    Winning Doogather consists of two types of ‘action learning’ programs;
    “Winning Doogather-Team” – This team-based communication workshop is aimed at the formation of desirable organizational cultures and improvement of the company-wide communication culture.
    “Winning Doogather-Junior” – This program aims to encourage team members to freely their share opinions about the status and issues of the company and to solve the tasks selected by themselves.
    The program teaches various troubleshooting tools and skills that can be utilized immediately in the workplace and enables open communication regardless of hierarchy.

  • Mentoring Program

    Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials provides a mentoring program for the organizational assimilation of new employees and development of mentors’ coaching capability. Mentors and mentees develop intimacy through individual meetings held from time to time, and participate in regular mentoring activities company-wide to form a network composed of all mentors and mentees.

    ※ What is mentoring?
    One person (the mentor) helps another person (the mentee) – An experienced person (a mentor) assists the professional growth and development of another person (a mentee) by investing his/her time and energy in that person.

  • Language Training Support

    Language training support worth KRW 1.2 million per person is provided each year to help build the global capacity of the executives and employees of Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials. Each business unit runs voluntary study groups to improve their English, Japanese, and Chinese proficiency.

  • Overseas Experience Training

    Opportunities for overseas experience are provided to help create a challenging corporate culture targeting the global market, and to enable our people to cultivate a global mindset and insight through overseas experiences in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia.

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