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Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials Will Continue Making Changes and Innovations to Provide Customers with Its Best Quality Products and Services.

Dear Shareholders and Customers,

Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials(DSEM) is one of the business groups in Doosan Corporation, the holding company of Doosan Group with global revenue of USD 18 billion. Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials was established in 1974 envisaging the bright prospects of the CCL industry, with the aim of becoming a “super-excellent company” in electro-materials. With our customers’ continuous support in loyalty and care, Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials has grown into a global top-tier company with annual revenue of USD 800 million.

Since the foundation, DSEM has strengthened a competiveness in Global market with continuous products and technology upgrades. In addition, DSEM has built up sales and marketing forces with 4 corporation and 3 branches in overseas to thrive into a global CCL market. DSEM has truly acquired a world-wide certified company reputation with over 50% of corporate revenue created from the overseas business.

With respect to CCL products, DSEM has expanded global presence covering from home appliance and mobile device CCL to 5G communication equipment & device, IC substrate CCL, etc. DSEM’s products contribute to creation of our customers’ value increase.

We, DSEM will continue to grow up into a global top CCL makers with enhanced competency in products, technology, sales forces and hope to grow together with our customers providing differentiated service.

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Our Aspiration & Core Values

Presenting the 'Doosan Credo,' the management philosophy and business methodology for the past and future 100 years.


Doosan Corporation aspires to grow into a business specializing in electro-materials that creates new values for its customers through its tireless pursuit of ingenious technological innovation and its dynamic corporate culture.

Social Responsibility

This introduces a variety of sharing activities by Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials.

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