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Foundation and Growth (1974 ~ 1987)

  • 1974, Foundation of the Company

    In February 1974, Korea Oak Industry was established to initiate the local production of CCL and advance into the global market. The company was renamed as Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials in January 1986, opening up a new chapter in its history.

  • 1986, Change name to Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials Co., Ltd.

    Our company name was changed to Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials Co., Ltd in January 1986.

Expansion (1988 ~1998)

  • 1988, Completion of Jeungpyeong Factory

    We completed the Jeungpyeong Factory for the mass production of CC in October 1988.

  • 1996, Completion of Iksan Factory

    We completed the Iksan Factory for the mass production of phenolic CCL in August 1996.

  • 1998, Acquired shares in Kolon Electronics(Gimcheon Factory)

    We acquired a share in Kolon Electronics in the form of the Gimcheon Factory, thereby increasing our capacity to world-class level, in July 1998.

  • 1998, M&A by Doosan

    Doosan Group introduced the BG and BU management system as part of an intensive restructuring effort in August 1998. Our company was re-launched as Electronics BG with an advanced future-oriented management system.

Product Line Expansion (2003 ~ 현재)

  • 2003, Launch of the OLED business

    To advance into the display materials industry, we launched our OLED business in November 2003.

  • 2004, Completion of the Iksan FCCL Factory

    To diversify our product portfolio, we completed the flexible copper clad laminate (FCCL) factory in Iksan in December 2004.

  • 2005, Completion of the second MassLam Factory

    We completed the second plant for manufacturing the Mass Lam, which is suitable for high-density electronic circuits, in June 2005.

  • 2007, SCM Innovation Project

    We secured our future competitiveness by establishing a system required for SCM innovations and improvements in companywide work processes ranging from production to sales.

  • 2010, Completion of the Iksan OLED Plant

    We completed the Iksan OLED plant to expand our business base for materials for OLEDs, widely regarded as the next-generation display, in November 2010.

  • 2011, Completion of the Changshu Plant, China

    We dedicated our first overseas manufacturing plant in Changshu, China in a bid to enhance our global competitiveness.

  • 2012, Declaration of Doosan Way

    We enhanced our internal competitiveness with the implementation and dissemination of the ‘Doosan Way’, our unique corporate philosophy, culture and mode of conducting business.

  • 2014, Doosan Corporation Acquired Circuit Foil Luxembourg

    Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials BG created a new business opportunity by acquiring Circuit Foil Luxembourg, a leading supplier of circuit foils (a major component of printed circuit boards used in electronic devices).

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