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By establishing governance and strategy for CSR, Doosan is systematically implementing its Corporate Social Responsibility.

The CSR value structure of Doosan consists of the goal of becoming a Top 100 Global CSR Leading Company by 2025, the mission of supporting responsible and sustainable growth, the four CSR pillars and the CSR priorities. We adhere to the four CSR pillars—1) “People-centric,” based on the Group strategy that the growth of our people drives the growth of the company; 2) “Reliable Operations,” in line with our business philosophy that we pursue profit fairly; 3) “Responsible Engagement,” reflecting our corporate citizenship; and 4) “CSR Value Creation,” creating value for both the company and society—in carrying out our priorities.

CSR value structure

    • Doosan Aspiration
    • Proud Global Doosan
    • CSR Goal
    • To be added to the Global 100 Most Sustainable Companies in the World index* by 2025 : As announced at the Veand Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland
    • CSR Mission
    • Supporting Responsible and Sustainable Growth
    • CSR Pillars
    • People-centric
    • Reliable Operations
    • Responsible Engagement
    • CSR Value Creation
    • CSR
    • 1.Nurture a cuture of respecting human rights

      2.Fair employment.

      3.Establisna safe vorkolace

    • 4.Entonceter fair operations and supply chain CSR

      5.Green management and climate change megaton/adaotation

      6.stengien produrt/service responspibility,

    • 7.Incorporate business value to soohisticate community involvement activities

      8.Reinforce risclosure of corporate information (CSR)

    • 9. Implement business that create OSR values

      10.Improve CSR performance monitoring

    • Enabler
    • Develop strong CSR governance
      (execution system y commitment of monagement and employees)
    • Doosan
    • The 9 Core Values
      (People Cultivating People, Integrity and Transparency, Inhwa, World-class Technology and Innovation,
      Customers, Profit Social Responsibility, Safety and Environment)
    • Demand
      of Society
    • Global CSR Initiative :
      UN SDGs / ISO 26000/ UN Global Compact / GRI

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