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CCL(Copper Clad Laminate)

Simulation Service

We provide a simulation service using the characteristics of a copper foil laminated plate to improve the reliability of products.
Simulation Inquiry

Multi-Physics Simulation for mechanical analysis and electrical analysis

Doosan supports mechanical analysis of warpage and heat dissipation and electrical analysis of signal loss and impedance for semiconductor package, light emitting diode (LED), and PCB to which our products are applied.

As use of smart devices including smart phones and tablet PC has increased and applications have varied recently, demand for faster processing speed and larger capacity is also increasing. The overall size of devices, meanwhile, becomes light, thin, short, and small, which could raise warpage issues. As a result, warpage issue and signal loss of substrates become important to meet customers’ requirement for fast speed processing.

Mechanical Simulation

Warpage Simulation

Heat dissipation Simulation

Stripline Differential Loss Simulation (2D & 3D)

Signal loss & Impedance & Antenna Radiation
[Signal Loss & Impedance]

Simulation service for the CCL warpage analysis of ultra thin plate PKG and PCB level

Flip Chip, POP, and MCP are widely adopted in the current semiconductor packaging process to connect chips to PCB directly using solder balls instead of WLCSP and wire. To respond to such changes in the packaging technology, Doosan CCL products have low CTE and high Tg product lines. In addition, thickness of epoxy molding compound (EMC) is reduced due to ultra-thin PKG, and density of Cu pattern has a great effect on warpage in PCB. We support the warpage simulation service using the ANSYS workbench and 3D Moire measurement that can measure PKG warpage by temperature profile.

Warpage simulation service of super-thin plate PKG, PCB, and CCL

- Linear analysis of structure by the material properties

Warpage analysis based on pattern density

Parametric warpage analysis by the material properties

Warpage simulation service of super-thin plate PKG, PCB, and CCL

Simulation Process

  • PKG strip

  • Modeling

  • Input Material property

  • Mesh study

  • Simulation & Analysis

Measurement of warpage by temperature profile using the Shadow Moiré system

- Linear analysis of the structure according to the material properties

Measurement of structural warpage by temperature profile

  • PKG strips actually made

  • Temperature profile according to process conditions

  • 3D Moire warpage Measurement and Analysis

Support for the analysis of heat dissipation and measurement of thermal resistance by heat sources (LED and semiconductor)

Heat dissipation is one of the biggest issues in the LED and semiconductor markets. To select right parts, various heat dissipation evaluation methods are used in design process. We support heat dissipation simulation service using the ANSYS workbench and thermal resistance measurement service using T3STER based on the JEDEC standard.

Heat dissipation simulation service by heat source

- Analysis of heat dissipation by conduction and convection

Heat dissipation analysis using LED and packaging material

Heat dissipation analysis according to substrate structure and electrical conductivity

Support for thermal resistance measurement using T3ster

- Measurement of thermal resistance value by heat sources

Measurement of thermal resistance using TO-220

Measurement of thermal resistance using LED

2D/3D High frequency electrical simulation service

With increasing demand for light, thin, compact materials and high-speed materials, there are growing needs for low loss materials. Doosan provides high-speed solution to meet these demands, supporting 2D simulation and 3D FEM simulation services.

· 2D simulation tool supports analysis of transmission loss by lamination structures and dielectric constant(Dk) / dissipation factor(Df) and impedance simulation.

· 3D FEM simulation tool analyzes signal path effect such as PTH and LVH and Stub effect.

2D Simulation

Tool : Polar SI9000, Z-zero Z-solver · Single ended line and differential line simulation · Stripline and microstrip simulation

3D Simulation

Tool : Ansys HFSS · Analysis of signal path effect such as PTH, LVH, and stub effect · Analysis of circuit design such as resonance and coupling · Analysis of E-field

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