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EHS Policy

In order to meet our responsibilities towards our families and wider society by establishing a safe, clean environment in accordance with Doosan’s Credo and the EHS guidelines, Doosan Corporation has established and complies with the following EHS policy:

In order to meet our responsibilities towards our families and wider society by establishing a safe, clean environment in accordance with Doosan’s Credo and the EHS guidelines, Doosan Corporation has established and complies with the following EHS policy:

  1. EHS Management System Operation

    Establishment and operation of the EHS management system to minimize the impact of EHS on all activities, products, and services of the company’s worksites.

  2. Continuous EHS Improvements

    Implementation of continuous EHS improvements to prevent environmental pollution and reduce risks through the proper identification of environmental features, risk assessment, and EHS technology development.

  3. Minimizing Pollutants & Disaster Prevention

    Implementation of measures aimed at minimizing the consumption of energy and resources, reduce the discharge of pollutants through process improvement, and prevent disasters.

  4. Compliance

    Full compliance with Doosan’s EHS guidelines and the related EHS regulations at home and abroad.

  5. Open EHS Management

    Periodic provision of education and training for all executives, employees and suppliers to ensure compliance with the EHS management system, and disclosure of EHS performance to the stakeholders to ensure the transparency of our corporate activities and the fulfillment of our social responsibilities.

CSHO, Doosan CorporationSenior Vice President BONG HYO KIM

EHS Management
System Operation

Doosan Corporation enhances work efficiency based on the EHS management system, protects its employees’ health and safety continuously through systematic EHS management using the P-D-C-A cycle, and satisfies customers’ diverse requirements as well as fulfilling its social responsibilities.

EHS Management
System Operation
Acquisition Status(As of June 2022)
Site Environment Safety/Health
Certification Standard Authority Date Certification Standard Authority Date
Jeungpyeong Plant ISO14001 : 2015 KFQ Sep 2018 ISO 45001 KFQ Jun 2019
Gimcheon Plant ISO 14001 : 2015 KFQ Sep 2018 ISO 45001 KFQ Jun 2019
Iksan Plant ISO 14001 : 2015 KFQ Sep 2018 ISO 45001 KFQ Jun 2019
Changshu Plant(China) ISO 14001 : 2015 DQS Dec 2017 ISO 45001 CQC May 2019

Environmental Management

We are striving to reduce environmental impact and increase efficiency.
EHS management system establishment and capacity building activities
Doosan Corporation operates and supports the EHS management system in accordance with the EHS management policy.
Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials acquired the environmental management system (ISO 14001:2015) certification according to the transition standard in 2018, and the safety and health management system (ISO 45001) in 2019. By constantly monitoring EHS laws and regulations and trends, we identify and respond in advance to possible impacts on business activities and local communities. In addition, we provide in-depth training for experts to secure essential EHS competencies, and strengthen execution capabilities by participating in EHS activities.
Response to greenhouse gas regulations and promotion of reduction activities
Doosan Corporation calculates greenhouse gas emissions based on the Framework Act on Carbon Neutrality and Green Growth and related guidelines to respond to the climate crisis and discloses relevant information. Greenhouse gas and energy statements and monitoring plans are subject to third-party verification every year.
As for Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials, the target regulation was switched from the greenhouse gas emission trading system in 2018 to the greenhouse gas target management system due to the continuous reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In accordance with the government's GHG target management guidelines, we are given annual emission targets, and in order to achieve these targets, we are continuously implementing GHG reduction activities at each business site.
Hazardous Chemical Susbstance Management
Doosan Corporation strives to create a safe and clean workplace by thoroughly managing hazardous chemicals.
Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials is permitted to operate a business for hazardous chemicals and regularly conduct statistical surveys and emission inspections to comply with legal requirements. We implement a regular training to ensure employees in all business sites to handle chemicals safely and supply personal protective equipment to create a safe workplace. Besides, to meet the standards for handling facilities under the Chemical Substances Control Act, we are fulfilling legal requirements through continous investment in facilities. We also established a system to check and comply with legal requirements in advance before purchasing a chemical substance for the first time and handle hazardous chemicals based on international regulations including RoHS and REACH and customers' requirements at home and abroad. Regulated substance is divided into prohibited substance and non-phase-in substance. Non-phase-in substance is a substance that we try to reduce voluntarily, considering impact on humans and the environment. Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials is strengthening the level of management by building a process that monitors changes on chemical substances.

Hazardous chemical substances
Class Hazardous chemical substances In-house management standards
Prohibited substance
Cadmium and its compounds N.D
Lead and its compounds N.D
Mercury and its compounds N.D
Hexavalent chromium and its compounds N.D
Class Hazardous chemical substances In-house management standards*
reduction substance)
13 types of Phthalate

CI < 700ppm
Br N.D
Be N.D
Sb N.D

*Management condition is different by product.

Environmental pollutant emission management
Doosan Corporation thoroughly manages pollutants generated at its business sites.
Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials regularly conducts self-measurement of major pollutants, and continues to promote additional measurement of pollutant emission concentration and facility improvement in accordance with continuous reinforcement of emission standards. Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials Jeungpyeong/Gimcheon factories are expected to complete the integrated permit within the grace period (2024) for the integrated environmental management system in accordance with the Act on the Integrated Management of Environmental Pollution Facilities.
Waste management
Doosan Corporation classifies wastes by nature and condition to reduce waste emissions and treats them through the ‘Allbaro System1)’.
Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials selects waste treatment companies through regular bidding once a year, and evaluates the waste treatment status and legal risks of each company before selecting a company for legal treatment. In addition, we are continuously striving to reduce waste emitted from our processes.

1) Allbaro System: A government IT-based waste management system that manages the entire process from discharge to transport and final treatment."
Expansion of
eco-friendly products
Doosan Corporation will expand its green-portfolio to pursue the corporate's sustainable growth.
Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials strives for resource circulation by using recycled copper in the manufacturing process and plans to develop and produce a wider range of products using eco-friendly materials in the future.
We will create more positive influence on the environment and provide customers with sustainable options at the same time.

Safety & health

We are conducting business activities that value human life by putting safety and health at the workplace as the top priority.
We are conducting business activities that value human life by putting safety and health at the workplace as the top priority.
EHS Leadership Activities
Doosan Corporation is strengthening its leadership in EHS implementation with management's deep interest and support for EHS. All Doosan Corporation leaders directly carry out various EHS leadership activities such as on-site EHS inspections and EHS meetings, effectively raising the level of safety awareness of all employees and contributing to the prevention of safety accidents at worksites.
EHS basic compliance activities
Doosan Corporation is operating ‘EHS Basic Compliance Activities’ for all business sites to effectively prevent repeated safety accidents caused by non-compliance with EHS basic rules. In the Doosan Corporation, all employees are naturally motivated to comply with safety rules by selecting items that must be observed to prevent accidents based on risk assessment for each process and linking them with regular education, publicity, inspection, and rewarding activities. made it possible.
EHS evaluation and reward system operation
Doosan Corporation evaluates the EHS ratings of the Jeungpyeong, Gimcheon, Iksan factories and Suji Technology Institute, evaluates the EHS activity performance of the business sites, and draws out best practices to implement horizontal development. In addition, each business site conducts activities to discover near-miss accidents and improve them at the same time, encouraging them to actively and voluntarily establish a safety culture in the field. We encourage continuous prevention/improvement activities by operating a reward system for excellent workplaces and departments as well as best practices for near-miss accidents as a result of EHS rating evaluation.
Expanded musculoskeletal disease prevention program
Doosan Corporation is operating additional programs as well as musculoskeletal risk factors for the health of its employees and partners. Doosan Corporation provides musculoskeletal risk factors measurement and counseling for its and its partners' executives and employees, and is running a pain management program that prescribes individual exercise methods for individuals with abnormalities.
Safety and health support activities for business partners
Doosan Corporation is establishing a mutual safety and health cooperation system with partner companies to create a healthy and safe workplace. Doosan Corporation is systematically operating a ‘safety and health symbiosis cooperation program’ such as safety and health education and risk assessment support for in-house partners such as cafeterias and beautification companies.

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